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What’s with the storylines?

What’s with the storylines? published on No Comments on What’s with the storylines?

Fool’s Errand: Single cartoons, macabre. Topics are mostly political or social.
Monster & Maiden: 1-4 panel cartoons around the Maiden and the Dragon. Relationship and gender madness. Sometimes queer. Definitely not the average soap boredom all over.
Four Horsemen: 2-4 panel strips round the four horsem… sorry, horsepersons. And Pestilence The Rat.
Nerdstuff: Miscellany, usually one-panel. Tabletop roleplay, gaming, sometimes historical, often whimsical.
Scraps: Just that, and old incentives.

I haven’t figured out yet how to browse only the active storyline (in case you clicked on one) with the cursor or the nav arrows below the cartoons; they always go back to the overall collection. Instead you can choose a storyline from the menu above and scroll through its archives.

Why is there not more yet?
Because cartoons don’t draw themselves. No worries about future crowbait, there’s a stack of scribbles and an even larger stack of notes to be worked on. 🙂

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